Weltek Limited
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Business areas where we operate
Through our core management team’s experience and leadership, we have acquired over time the capabilities and capacity to provide quality and timely services to client in a safe and consistent manner.
Offshore Topside Facilities

We have in-house capabilities for the complete design, fabrication and installation of topside facilities ranging from High Rate Hydrate Inhibitor Injection Pump Skids to Flow Corrosion inhibitor Skids and all instruments and electrical components that make up the packaged unit.

As part of topsides facilities, we also provide mechanical structures and frames that support other subsea units such as the frame that holds the Hydraulic Power / Control Units, Sub-sea control buildings and drop object protection.

Onshore & Swamp Brownfield Rejuvenation

We have special sets of procedures and expertise for working in a brownfield environment such as revamping and upgrading an existing facility for improved performance. Most times, the job will involve working on a live plant where the safety of the personnel and the facility must be considered and implemented accordingly.

Power Systems

Our power system division have on numerous occasions worked for OICs, Federal and State Governments in Nigeria to design and implement complete Power Generation Plants and Distribution as follow:

  • Diesel / Gas Generators
  • Electrical Distribution Systems of any size, including modification and expansion
  • Motor Control Facilities
  • LV and Switchgear
  • 132/32/11kV distribution lines
  • Power Sub-stations
  • Civil Constructions of Generator buildings and underground cable trenches
Instrumentation & Electrical

Weltek Limited started as an Instrumentation & Electrical (I&E) company and has remained a full I&E contractor specializing in Oil and Gas operations and other Process plants with vast experience in offshore, land and swamp locations. We emphasize planning, scheduling, progress tracking, and labour analysis to ensure the successful execution of projects.

Our I&E Services include:

  • Pneumatic and Electronic Installation and maintenance
  • Analyzer installation and maintenance
  • Tubing/Cable Trays
  • Field Terminations
  • Panel fabrication and installation


Weltek Limited resources specifically applicable to DCS/PLC projects are unequalled. We can execute all phases of any project with in-house resources ranging from design, software programming, and testing to commissioning. Our developing environment is based on set standards – allowed personnel, functional definition requirement, compilers and other tools, allowed hardware, review and testing procedures and documentation procedures are all as defined by ISO 9001:2015 style procedure document.

Wellhead Control Panels

WT Petrotech Nigeria is a subsidiary company of Weltek Limited responsible for the design, procurement, fabrication installation and commissioning of WellHead Control Panels. Over the years, the unit has delivered over 850 panels operating in several locations.

Major Projects Completed
Engineering, Procurement & Construction for Ebendo Flow station Integrated Metering System (Energia)
Design, Fabrication & Installation of 7 Well Head Control Panels for OML-111/65 (NPDC)
Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning for Topsides Facilities (SNEPCo)
Interim Bulk Services - 33kVA Supply (GPH City Development Authority)
Cawthorne Channel Further Oil Development involving a major revamp of process and structural facilities to an unmanned Flow station with increased throughput (SPDC)
Installation of Flow Computers (NGC)
12-Module Wellhead Control Panel for Asasa VA (ExxonMobil)
Lekki Power System Upgrade (Chevron)
Electronic Instrumentation System for CAO/SCADA (SPDC)